Hand holding mobile phone with laptop screen showing data charts in background


Don’t Let Data Slow You Down.

IntelliSenseDeciphering and decrypting your water treatment data to find problems and deliver solutions can impact your productivity in the best of times and be catastrophic in the worst. IntelliSenseTM  by KBG Technologies is here to help you gain control of your water treatment system and make your data work for you.


Whether you are on site, working remote, or out of the office, you need to know your system is running efficiently and effectively. IntelliSense gives you the tools and support to run your water system from anywhere at any time.

Remote Monitoring and Control

You are never too far from your water system. IntelliSense gives you the power to check the real-time status of your water system parameters and whether an action is needed, all from your computer or mobile device. You can even remotely access and record manual data, as well as track and trend automated data from your controller. Receive automated alarm notifications when your system parameters are out of range. Remote access allows you or KBG Technologies to adjust critical parameters such as pumps and blowdown, as well as troubleshoot from off-site. IntelliSense powered by AckumenTM, one of our specialized services under the IntelliSense portfolio, focuses on your systems to help you minimize issues and spare your required attention which could be better utilized towards another integral piece of your system.

Reliable Security

IntelliSense is designed as a secure, global, high-performance, independent cloud-based platform to protect the integrity of your facility’s IT system. Using the cloud allows you to tap into big data to find answers faster and streamline your operation. IntelliSense even features secure data transfer services through M2M gateways and all of your deployed IIoT devices.


  • Gather water quality data from online analyzers
  • Create graphs and reports of online and manual data
  • Enter manual test data
  • Alarm levels set for all selected parameters
  • Visibility to multiple sites from one dashboard
  • Unlimited historical data storage
  • Accessible from any device with internet access
  • Store laboratory test results and other documentation
  • Flexible reporting options
  • Operates independently of facility IT systems
  • IntelliSense Specialized Services