GREASE AWAY Eco-Friendly Cleaner For Tough Jobs


Distributed by KBG Technologies, Grease Away™ is the rare all-purpose cleaning solution that’s as effective as it is environmentally friendly. 100% biodegradable and solvent-free, Grease Away’s applications range from outdoor cleanups with no harm to plant life, to all manner of indoor surfaces, to sensitive and high-voltage equipment.

Not only does Grease Away contain no acids or compounds that could corrode surfaces or leave behind harmful residuals, but with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it also meets even the most stringent safety and air quality standards. Relied upon in heavy industrial settings for many years, this product can be safely used at full strength—or diluted as needed—with a simple and straightforward application:

  1. Mop, spray or wipe on surface
  2. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for maximum performance
  3. Brush area, power wash, mop or use auto scrubber
  4. Rinse clean with water

How Grease Away™ compares to other cleaning solutions:

Grease Away Product Comparison Chart

Additional benefits of Grease Away

  • Improved friction for industrial flooring
    Grease Away cleans industrial flooring better than any caustic cleaners, and also improves floor friction by 20% to 30% over other products, reducing slip and liability.
  • No damage to asphalt
    Most cleaning products on the market will damage or break down asphalt, but not Grease Away. It also cleans asphalt more efficiently by separating oil and grease without emulsifying.
  • No damage to protective coating
    Grease Away was formulated to clean coated surfaces without causing damage.
  • Safe for food processing areas
    Grease Away can be safely used in and around food processing areas, both as a general cleaner for prep surfaces and equipment, as well as a cleaner for all floor and wall types.

Get Grease Away for your business today

KBG Technologies can deliver Grease Away to your business in a variety of sizes, from 1 gallon to 275-gallon totes, with a full application manual included. Get started today by contacting KBG Technologies at 901-602-5680 or email

July 21, 2020