Cooling Water equipment on rooftop

Tackle cooling management with more visibility, efficiency, and sustainability. 

Water treatment may be just one part of your job, but it’s increasingly becoming more demanding. You’re tasked with not only fighting corrosion, scale, and microbiological fouling, but also protecting the environment—and your budget. 

IntelliSense Powered by Ackumen

With cooling management from IntelliSense™ powered by Ackumen™, you can:

  • Operate more efficiently, with more confidence
  • Manage your cooling system performance with 24/7 expert monitoring
  • Safely cycle your system higher without increasing labor costs
  • Evaluate your water at a glance and know what actions to take and when to take them
  • View your entire cooling process remotely
  • Learn how different factors within your system impact your chemistry usage

Get insights at every turn with these intuitive tools.

Ackumen Predictor – Learn which chemistries work best for your commercial or industrial systems and get scale and corrosion predictions for specific applications.

Insights Lab – Get easy-to-access graphics that show how your system is operating, plus you will get alerts and notifications with recommended actions based on your system’s insights.

SMART Inventory + Smart Dispenser – Manage chemistry more efficiently and minimize onsite chemical storage without risking running out. You’ll also receive alternative delivery options that can help reduce the need to handle and store hazardous chemicals.

Solid chemistry – Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating shipments of water and create a safer work environment, where employees won’t need to handle hazardous liquid chemicals and risk spills.

Online corrosion monitoring – Learn about corrosion trends within your system, based on halogen feed rates and other parameters.

See more. Do more. Save more.

Get more visibility into your cooling system and the insights you need to better understand your processes and chemistry usage with Ackumen Cooling Management. You’ll have access to tools and resources to help you operate more efficiently and proactively prevent costly problems. And you’ll help your organization achieve water usage and sustainability goals while creating a safer environment for your workplace and beyond. Connect with your KBG Technologies rep today.