Cooling System Management: How More Data Can Mean Less Complicated

Cooling System Management: How More Data Can Mean Less Complicated

Maintaining a cooling system can feel like a complicated game of prevention and maintenance that never stops. If only it were as simple as installing a brand-new cooling system, turning it on, and then walking away. We all know that’s not possible, but there is a better way. That’s where Ackumen™ from KBG delivers.

Avoid Data Overload

You probably have what feels like enough data, maybe even more than enough, to keep you busy managing your cooling system. But do you have enough time to cull, decipher, and utilize what that data is telling you in order to make confident decisions? Ackumen™ Cooling Management is a comprehensive solution that combines advanced chemistries with 24/7 expert monitoring to deliver the actionable insights you need to make quick decisions with confidence.

Expert Monitoring + Control

With a team of experts to monitor your cooling system and cutting-edge predictive modeling, you can stay ahead of the problems, from corrosion, scale, and even harmful water-based organisms. However, all the data and information in the world will not improve your system. Ackumen™ delivers the knowledge as well as the ability to access your system remotely, engage pumps, and make time-sensitive changes without the need for anyone to be on site.

A Simple Solution

Conventional sensors and manual testing have worked, and they still can. But they can also deliver too much data and make it impossible to see critical information in your system. Ackumen™ is designed to simplify your cooling water management efforts by using a team of experts to process more data, find and analyze predictive patterns, and optimize your system’s performance across the board.

Simplify your cooling system management and get ahead of the game of prevention and maintenance. Call 901-602-5680 or email to schedule a consultation with one of our trained professionals to see how we can help take some pressure off of you and your system.

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February 28, 2022