KBG Technologies Launches Full-Service Water-Treatment Division

Woman-Owned Chemical Company Looks to Future with New Services

KGB Technologies, a Memphis-based full-service specialty chemistry provider, has announced its expansion into water treatment services with a full slate of offerings for a wide range of industries.

“KBG Technologies is a trusted advisor and a one-stop shop for water treatment needs for the full range of businesses and institutions in this region,” says Kathy Buckman Gibson, president and CEO of the company. “Our customer-centered team will deliver the best in science and service, with a deep understanding of environmental impact, regulations, data management, control, monitoring, and more. Our aim is to be the water treatment supplier of choice for cooling, boiler, and wastewater treatment and a trusted partner to the entire business community. No matter how complex your system or unusual your requirements, we have the expertise.”

Gibson founded KBG Technologies in 2018, following 25 years of service as COO, Chairman of the Board, and General Counsel with Buckman International, a company led by her father and founded by her grandfather. Gibson’s extensive experience in manufacturing, supply chains, and global operations, and strong relationship with Buckman, have helped establish KBG as an innovative new startup with deep roots in the industry.

“Water treatment services are critical resources not just for public health but for virtually every organization, institution, and business today,” Gibson says. “For each customer, our team begins with a comprehensive analysis and develops a customer-centered, long-term plan to implement, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot.” From hotels to hospitals, office buildings to manufacturing and industrial sites, KBG Technologies will tailor complete solutions to help customers meet and exceed specific business goals and objectives while keeping safety at the forefront.

Certified as a woman-owned and operated business through the MidSouth Minority Business Council and the Uniform Certification Agency, KBG is the only locally based diverse supplier in the market, providing customers the added value of addressing supplier diversity objectives. With its commitment to the Memphis region and support of the Chamber’s Move Your Money to Memphis economic development initiative, an approved post-COVID economic recovery strategy, KBG can help its customers keep investments local.

Joining the water treatment division as District Sales Manager is Krista B. Ivy, a sales professional and chemist with specialization in water treatment systems. Previously with Nalco Water and Buckman, Ivy brings outstanding technical, professional and personal skills to the team at KBG.

February 23, 2021