Enzymatic Technologies

Breakthrough Solutions for your Bottom Line

Enzymatic Technologies Breakthrough Solutions for your Bottom Line

Enzymes are proteins found in living things, which produce a range of natural reactions from food digestion to fruit fermentation. Enzymatic technology also predates time. Thousands of years ago, enzymes were applied to animal hides to condition them for clothing and shelter. Today, enzymes are the key to keeping your competitive advantage in pulp and paper as well as countless other industries. Here’s how KBG’s enzymatic technologies can maximize your impact in the market and minimize your impact on the planet.

Performance. Enzymes boost the performance of both products and processes in paper, tissue, pulp and packaging. They eliminate the need for harsh chemicals, so mills can achieve more control and quality in refining fibers, reducing stickies and improving strength and softness.

Productivity. Enzymes are true catalysts that accelerate thousands of chemical reactions per second without being consumed or changed. They increase throughput and reduce shutdowns to save manufacturers time, money and materials. While their cost is comparable to chemical treatments, they achieve better results in smaller amounts.

Specificity. While most commercial chemicals achieve their intended effect, they can also cause many unintended effects — from high energy consumption to toxic pollution. Enzymes, on the other hand, drive specific reactions without those secondary consequences.  

KBG offers a range of biotechnologies to optimize deposit control, water treatment, machine efficiencies and more. And we can transition most technologies without impacting production processes. Call 901-602-5680 or email info@kbgtech.com to learn about the benefits of these technologies.

March 31, 2020