Saving on Cooling Tower Bleed-off

Reducing cooling tower bleed-off of wastewater is a universal priority—and often a regulatory necessity for companies operating in water-scarce environments. KBG Technologies partners with key industry innovators to deliver a wide range of solutions and products for optimizing your cooling tower system while saving on bleed-off.

The challenge

Over time, water running through your cooling tower can compromise the system due to elements like organic fouling (e.g. mud, silt, biomatter), scaling from mineral deposits and metal corrosion from oxidation. These can negatively impact heat transfer and water flow, resulting in potentially costly repairs and lost revenue for your company. While bleed-off helps to mitigate these damaging factors, it also means more makeup water is necessary to keep the system functioning properly. Our goal is to help you retain and reuse more water without sacrificing system efficiency.


We can help save on cooling tower bleed-off while protecting system components. For example, a product like Oxamine®—made by Buckman, a KBG Technologies partner—offers an environmentally, monochloramine-based biocide that’s suitable for a wide range of cooling tower systems, allowing for added water reuse and effectively guarding against microbiological fouling, corrosion and harmful bacterias.

PCA Plus, another Buckman solution, offers a scale protection program that guards against deposits like calcium carbonate, silica, calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate. This ensures your cooling tower maintains a healthy water flow that’s free of corrosive mineral scaling—resulting in less necessary bleed-off and makeup water.

Other solutions we can discuss for your cooling tower include advanced monitoring systems with automation and corrosion failure analysis.

Getting started

We offer a full customer service experience complete with technical support, and will work closely with you to ensure you understand what solutions are available for your cooling tower system. To get started, contact us at 901-602-5680 or

December 19, 2019