Pulp & Paper Production: Meeting Demand in an Emergency Economy

Pulp & Paper Production: Meeting Demand in an Emergency Economy

As key players in mitigating the COVID-19 crisis—relied upon for everything from packaging to toilet paper—pulp and paper manufacturers face new challenges in their efforts to meet demand. With the normal flow of raw materials crimped by the pandemic, plant managers have been forced to find creative ways to reliably scale supply while balancing costs and adhering to environmental regulations. That’s where KBG Technologies is poised to help, offering a range of comprehensive solutions for packaging, tissue and towel mills, solutions that include:

Improved Fiber Processing

Meeting demand for recycled packaging materials poses a unique challenge in the current climate. KBG’s solutions are designed to streamline processing—with expedited production, reduced stickies and minimized mechanical refining—without cutting corners on fiber quality.

Sustainable Packaging

With alternative packaging solutions like molded pulp, KBG can help manufacturers creatively use side streams—like lignin, ash and sludge—to produce packaging that’s more cost-effective, compact, time-saving and reusable than traditional materials like foam and plastic.

Smarter Technology

With the unprecedented demand for tissue and packaging, manufacturers must increase their productivity to match market trajectories. KBG offers solutions to help customize controls for better results, including smart technology that improves insights into core processes—optimizing analytics, measurements and logistics for months at a time.

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June 23, 2020