KBG Delivers with Equipment and Services

Single-source supplier
With unparalleled expertise in chemical feed systems, KBG Technologies sources state-of-the-art water treatment equipment so that you don’t have to spend important time and resources tracking down parts. Whether it’s 12,000-gallon polyethylene tanks, metering pumps, valves, monitoring systems and more—including off-shelf solutions—we’ve got the premier brand partnerships to ensure your water treatment project remains at the top of its game. See our partner products.

Field services
In addition to sourcing and selling equipment, KBG Technologies also offers field services for chemical feed systems. Installation, start-up, ongoing maintenance, you name it—we’re ready to step in at any project phase to keep your operation running smoothly. To learn more, read about our industrial water treatment solutions.

One-stop shop
You can rest easy knowing that, whatever your water treatment needs, KBG Technologies is ready to deliver on your next solution. Get started today at 901-602-5680 or email info@kbgtech.com.

August 30, 2019