Purchaser’s Guide to Water Treatment

Selecting a water treatment system isn’t so simple. Many plant operators may find it difficult to navigate the marketplace. From chemicals to filters to pumps to purifiers — the options can be overwhelming.

Every operator’s goal is to prolong equipment life, prevent failures, and lower costs. Their supplier should offer the equipment, products and services to meet their goals. If you are looking to invest in a new system for your plant, then please consider the following factors.

Cost. Water treatment systems require regular service for peak performance. In addition to the equipment costs, have you considered the costs for installation and maintenance? Working with a full-service distributor who sources, sells and services chemical feed equipment and spare parts can help you lower overall costs over time.

Customization. Your supplier should be knowledgeable enough to understand the solutions that work for your industry, but also flexible enough to customize those solutions for your facility. With custom-designed chemical feed skids, your supplier can help you improve workplace safety — as well as feed consistency.

Compliance. Is your supplier committed to delivering cleaner, greener chemistries and technologies that meet environmental standards? A full-service supplier should work with you to meet sustainability goals and regulatory requirements. From breakthrough enzymatic technologies to smart software solutions, they should offer solutions that help you reduce your footprint.

A top distributor of the industry’s leading brands, KBG Technologies offers water treatment chemistries and equipment that improves your operational reliability and efficiency. We know what works best for different systems, and we want our customers to be aware of their options. In addition to quality chemistry and equipment, our total water treatment solutions include complete customer service and technical support. Call 901-602-5680 or email info@kbgtech.com today for more information.

October 16, 2019